What Are Top Tips For Home Security?

What Are Top Tips for Home Security?

While the right security system can make a big difference, there are many other ways to improve your home’s safety.

You can also deter crime by doing a little bit of maintenance on your property. This includes keeping your garden weed-free and pruning trees.

1. Lock Your Doors and Windows

About a quarter of burglars enter homes through windows. They do this because a window offers easy entry without having to crawl through a broken door or break through the wall.

The best way to prevent this is to make sure your windows are locked when you’re out or asleep. This will send a message to intruders that your home isn’t easy to invade.

There are many ways to lock windows, including child safety latches, key locks and crowbar-resistant window bars. The type of locks you choose should be based on your needs and the budget you have.

You should also consider a window film that can be stuck on the inside of your windows to keep them from shattering. This can help protect your valuables from being stolen as well as deter an intruder.

Alternatively, you can install window locks on ground-floor windows, particularly those that lead out to your patio or backyard. Adding locks to these windows will make it much harder for intruders to access the house and remove valuables or items from your property.

While this can be a very expensive solution, it’s worth the cost to make sure your family and home are safe. Plus, it’s a great way to show your neighbors that you care about their security and are taking steps to protect them.

If you’re not sure what kind of lock is right for you, consult the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or your local building code to find out. They offer a rating system for locks called “lock grades” that indicate their level of security.

For example, a Grade 1 lock is the highest-grade, most secure lock available. Typically, this means the lock is made from metal and is difficult to pry open with tools like a crowbar or screwdriver.

Another way to add a window lock is by installing a sash or track lock on your window. These locks make it very difficult to pry open a window and can be installed in minutes.

It’s also a good idea to check your current lock on your doors and windows to ensure it is functioning properly. If it’s not, you can replace it with a more reliable one or consider investing in a window sensor that will notify you when someone enters or leaves your home.

2. Install a Security System

Whether you’re looking to protect your loved ones or your property, a security system can be an excellent option. It can help you deter burglars, prevent accidents and theft, and keep your home safe from natural disasters.

A good home security system will include sensors that secure doors and windows, motion detectors and a control panel. Each of these components will send a signal to the control panel when they sense a break-in or an intruder.

These sensors are usually placed in each of the entry-points to a home (doors, windows and open spaces) as well as inside the house. When they sense an intruder, the sensor will send a signal to the control panel that will trigger an alarm and notify the alarm monitoring company of the breach.

Some sensors can also detect smoke or carbon monoxide. These are important because these types of threats can cause health problems if left untreated.

The key to a good security system is choosing one that works best for your needs and budget. Buying a home security system that has too many features or a lot of extras you don’t need can end up costing you more in the long run.

You should also choose a system that is secure, preferably with a Wi-Fi connection. This will make it easier for you to interact with the system and monitor your home.

A security system also allows you to monitor your kids when you are away and can alert authorities if someone enters the house without your permission. It also can help you avoid falling victim to fraudulent claims on your insurance.

If you are installing a security system, it’s a good idea to install it with an expert who will assess your needs and guide you through the installation process. It will save you time, money and headaches later down the line if something goes wrong.

Another advantage of a professionally installed security system is that it will be better equipped to deal with complex setups, such as those with multiple zones and lots of wiring. This can be difficult for an average homeowner to handle and may lead to a system that doesn’t work correctly or doesn’t work at all.

3. Keep Your Neighbors Informed

When it comes to home security, keeping neighbors informed is one of the best tips you can have. Not only does this help you feel safer, but it also makes your community more secure.

According to a recent study from Pew Research Center, Americans use a variety of approaches to keep in touch with their neighbors. They may read a neighborhood blog, exchange emails about local issues or join a group of neighbors that talk about the issues in their neighborhoods on Facebook or Twitter.

While most people still rely on face-to-face interactions, internet tools are gaining ground in the ways that Americans stay in touch with their communities. In fact, 20% of adults say they communicate with their neighbors through digital tools such as email, text messaging or social networking sites about community issues.

Having an idea of when your neighbors are at work, when they have small children or teenagers, and when their elderly relatives are staying at their homes goes a long way to making your neighborhood a tighter place. This will prevent burglaries and robberies, as well as help you alert your neighbors when suspicious behavior occurs.

You can even set up a community e-mail list to inform neighbors about local news, events, police activity, and safety concerns. This can be an easy and convenient way to stay connected with your neighbors, and it can make a big difference in the level of security you have.

Another tip for home security is to always lock your doors and windows. Criminals often enter homes through unlocked windows or doors. This is a good reason to have smart locks or a keyless door lock installed at all of your doors and windows.

When you are out of town, make sure you give a trusted neighbor a copy of your keys so they can make sure that everything is okay at your house. This is especially important if you are leaving for a long period of time or if you are traveling abroad.

It is also a good idea to notify your local police department of your travel plans so that they can check on your house while you are away. Some PDs offer free home security checks and can help you make your home more secure.

4. Make It Look Like Someone Is Home

The main reason that making it look like someone is home is a top tip for home security is because it can help deter burglars from breaking in to your property. Whether you’re leaving your house for a night or going on vacation, making it look like someone is in the house helps ensure that burglars don’t feel comfortable entering.

One of the best ways to make your house look occupied is by leaving some lights on. If you’re on a night out or you’re leaving for a few days, leave a radio playing and a light on so it looks like you’re still in the house.

You can also set your lights to come on at specific times, like when you get up in the morning and when you go to bed at night. With smart lighting, this is an easy way to make it seem like you’re home and keep burglars away.

Another way to make your house look occupied is by planting flowers or shrubs around the outside of your home. It can help to make it appear that someone is in the garden and give a potential burglar something to avoid while they’re deciding if they should break into your home.

The next thing you can do to make it seem like someone is home is by keeping your landscaping and shrubs short and clean. Overgrown bushes and shrubs can hide a potential burglar and allow them to sneak into your home without being seen by neighbors or passersby.

It can also be a good idea to use motion-activated outdoor lighting, especially in dark areas around your house. These are a great way to make it look like someone is home, but be sure to install them properly and to switch them off when you’re away.

Lastly, if you have an Alexa skill, you can use it to play sounds that sound like someone is in the house. These sounds can be very realistic and include things that people would normally hear in their own homes, such as vacuuming or a pot of water boiling.