Why Solar Lighting is the Right Choice for Bike Paths

Many communities continue to plan and install bike paths for their members to enjoy. Bike paths are a good way to be able to enjoy a bike ride in safety. One way to ensure safety for users of bike paths is to ensure that they have proper lighting. With many bike paths being located away from electrical sources, the one way to ensure proper lighting is with solar lighting. This type of lighting has plenty of great advantages including cost savings and resistance to theft. Here are some other very good reasons to install solar lighting in remote area bike paths:

Trenching is not Required

Trenching is not needed for the installation of solar lighting, and this means that the landscape located around bike paths can be kept in the condition it is meant to be in. Habitats in the area where the lighting is installed does not need to be destroyed. Trenching can involve the digging of trenches so that wiring is able to be installed. With solar lighting there is no need for trenching to be dug because there is no wiring to be installed and connected to an electrical source. Each solar lighting unit has all of the elements that are needed to operate it. Solar lighting does not pose a hazard to the environment and is the ideal choice for parks or for green spaces.

Solar Lighting Safe for the Environment

If lighting needs to be installed in environmental areas that are part of parks and greenspace, then electrical lighting can present certain issues. Lighting does not need to be on all of the time and lighting can be programmed so that it will not have an effect on the local wildlife. Solar lighting is able to be adjusted so that it is brighter during the highest usage volumes. This lighting can be programmed to lower to minimally invasive levels once a park has been closed. The lighting can be programmed and controlled via remote.

Remote Trails can be Illuminated to Reduce Danger

Dark bike paths can be dangerous when used during sunset or at nighttime hours. This is because obstacles on the bike path or bumps and dips cannot be seen. Bike paths in remote locations may often have signage which advises cyclists that paths should not be utilized at night or, if they are, then the user does so at their own risk. Most serious bike accidents take place after sunset where no lighting is in place. Solar lighting increases cyclist safety because it keeps paths well-lit. Cycle paths are able to be used all year round with proper lighting. When bite paths are lit properly, cyclists can see the road in front of them and this will reduce injuries and accidents which can occur.

Bike Paths are in Remote Locations

Since bike paths are often located in remote locations, this means that they are not located close to power sources. If electrical lighting was to be installed in these remote locations, it would be very expensive because the amount of money to dig the trenching and then install the wiring for the long expanse of bike paths would not be worth the effort.  Solar lighting can be installed anywhere and there is no cost to operate it. Solar bollards can be expensive to purchase but there is no cost to operate them over time. Solar bollards pay for themselves over time with the savings in electrical costs.

Solar Bollards are Theft-Proof

Electrical lighting that is installed in some remote areas can be subject to theft risk. Traditional lighting can be targeted by thieves whose main focus is to steal the various valuable components including cooper. There are vandals who will destroy lighting systems, and this can add up very quickly because the replacement of can become expensive. Solar lighting systems are not easy to vandalize or steal because the component itself is not valuable or easy to remove. The batteries which collect and store the solar energy are usually placed out of reach, so they are not easy to steal or damage.

When cities have parks and need an affordable lighting solution for their bike paths then solar lighting is a real solution to the issue. Solar lighting is perfect for remote areas that are not on the electrical grid. Solar lighting is the right application for areas remote from the electrical grid. Solar lighting can save installation and operation costs. Cyclists can ridge their bikes any time they wish to and not be concerned with the safety of their ride. Local communities can save money by not having to install lighting, so this solution is ideal for users and government bodies.