Incorporating Solar Lighting Into Your New Build Home

With energy costs continually on the rise in Australia, more and more homeowners have been opting to install solar power in their new or existing homes. This is great for the home itself, but what about outside lighting? If you’re thinking of building a new home, have you considered incorporating solar lighting into your new home build? Whether you decide to power your new house with solar power or not, having exterior lighting that is powered by the sun is certainly something to seriously consider. Let’s take a look at some ideas for incorporating solar lighting into your new home build.

Outdoor Solar Lighting Is Kind To the Environment

If you want your new home build to be more sustainable and to play your part in helping to preserve the planet and its resources, then outdoor solar lighting is a good option to consider. While it’s only a small detail, every little bit helps and the more sustainable your new home is, the better it will be for the environment around you.

You’ll Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Exterior solar lighting fixtures come with a battery that harnesses and stores energy from the sun, using that energy to power the solar lights after dark. At no time do they tap into the mains electricity system.

For this reason, once you’ve purchased and installed your exterior solar lights, they won’t cost you a thing to run. There will only be the odd maintenance cost, but that will be years down the track if you purchase quality lighting.

With energy prices soaring, it only makes sense to find ways to save on your electricity bills and outdoor solar-powered lighting will certainly help.

Solar Lighting Is Fast and Easier To Install

When you install traditional lighting around the outside of your home, it has to be hard-wired into the electrical system so the lights can be powered up. This also includes installing light switches to turn the lights on and off. This process is made even more difficult for lighting that’s on the driveway or out in the yard, as wiring will need to be placed underground from the mains power to where the light is located.

Solar lighting is totally different. No hard-wiring is required and some solar lights don’t even have any sort of a switch to turn them on and off, as they use sensors to handle this process. When the sun sets, the sensor detects this and turns the light on. When the sun rises, the sensor activates a switch that turns the light off.

Solar lights that are placed around the yard are so much easier to install, as no wiring is required, just the placement of the light itself. So long as you locate your solar lights in areas that receive sufficient direct sunlight throughout the day, quality solar lights will illuminate your outdoor space from dusk until dawn, if you so desire.

Add Ambiance To Your Outdoor Space

Of course, lighting isn’t all about simply lighting up an area so you can see. Outdoor lighting offers the perfect opportunity to create a mood and ambiance in your outdoor space. Whether it’s lights on a backyard deck, around the swimming pool, positioned about the front or backyard or even in the trees, solar lighting can be incorporated into all of these ideas.

There’s also no rule that states that outdoor solar lighting has to be white light only. Many exterior solar lights come in vibrant fashion colours that are ideal for creating any mood you desire. They are also great for outdoor entertaining and a splash of coloured lighting will certainly add some wow factor to your next evening BBQ or backyard party.

There are so many modern styles of solar lighting you can choose from to really add some outdoor pizzazz to your new home build. There is always the option of installing solar lights after your home is already established too.

Light Up Dark Zones With Solar Lights

As far as illumination and security around your home are concerned, solar lights are the perfect solution for lighting up those dark zones around the house. Lighting doesn’t have to be glaring and bright. So long as it’s bright enough to deter unwanted guests, it will do its job.

Once again, be sure to position the solar lights in zones where the solar panel receives enough sunlight to power the light all night long.

Illuminate the Driveway With Solar Bollard Lighting

Solar bollard lighting for the driveway or around the front yard will add a touch of lighting class to the look of your home. Brushed metal bollards with a solar light embedded within the bollard or on top of the bollard are an excellent option for lighting up the driveway or pathways around the home.

Solar bollard lights look very sleek and modern, they are tough and built to last and they are also quite easy and quick to install. They can also be used to form a barrier or perimeter, to prevent vehicle access to various parts of the property.

You see solar bollard lighting used extensively in shopping centres and local parks but they are also perfect for domestic use around the home.

Use Solar Lighting Creatively

Solar lighting doesn’t always have to be restricted to areas of direct sunlight, as with some wiring, you can install solar powered lights practically anywhere, so long as the solar panel that is harnessing the sun is located in an area that receives loads of direct sunlight. This is a little more complex than simply installing a stand-alone solar light somewhere, as you have to wire them up to the panel, but creatively, lighting up your outdoor space this way offers you so many options.

For example, you can embed solar lights into steps or around the deck to light up the way with ambient light. That’s just one application.

The Takeaway

If you’re planning on building a new home, consider adding solar lighting into your design. They are good for the environment, save you money on energy bills and they look fantastic as well.