Are Solar Lights a Good Option for Parks and Playgrounds?

People gather at parks and playgrounds to enjoy time with their children and family. Children are always excited to be at a playground where they can play freely with other children and get rid of pent-up energy. Parks are a place where one can reconnect with nature and recharge and getting out into a park often is good for the soul. A main issue is that many parks are not well lit and close once the sun goes down because it is too expensive to provide proper lighting.

Does Solar Lighting Work for Parks?

Solar lighting is a good option for installing in parks because these lights are on once the sun sets and then they are off at sunrise. Solar lighting can keep a park lit enough for park users to stay safe and be able to get around. This can help to prevent injuries that could be caused if someone cannot see where they are going. It is also easier to locate and keep an eye on family members and children.

Solar Lighting Offers Safety

If you enjoy going for a walk after sunset, solar lighting can provide safety when there is no longer daylight. The lighting offers good light for people to be able to navigate paths and to help them to feel safe. Solar lighting can illuminate the surrounding area which helps to eliminate any shadowy areas of concern. Being active means being able to exercise at any time of the day or evening and sunset should not prevent that.

Where Else can Solar Lights be Utilized?

Solar lighting is great for parks because it can be used to keep maps, trail markers and important notices lit for easy visibility. Solar lighting is not reliant on electrical sources, so it is able to be installed in any area away from the electrical grid. Parks located far from the city in more rural areas can be easily lit with solar lighting.

A park entrance needs to be well lit so that people can find their way into or out of the park, especially if the park is quite large. Solar flood lights provide adequate lighting for these applications and work well for statues and important heritage markers.

Solar Lights in Playgrounds

Playgrounds usually have tall pole lighting mounted near by, but they do not provide enough visibility. Solar lighting can be closer to the ground and offer brighter lighting to eliminate dark corners and ensure a good field of vision. Motion sensors are a good way to ensure that light is able to access the area and will ensure that lights are only on when the playground is occupied.

Some playgrounds offer pavilion areas where families can gather and have a picnic meal or just sit together and visit while they supervise their children who are in the playground. Pavilion roofs are a good location to place solar panels to collect solar energy and larger structures are able to hold more solar panels. The number of panels is directly related to the size of the roof and will provide better lighting.

Solar Lights are Ideal for Parking Lots and Remote Roads

Lighting systems for car parks often use lighting on a larger scale and this is a good place for being able to save money with solar lighting options a parking lot or a roadway can be well lit to provide safety and security for parking lot users.

Walking paths are another ideal location for solar lighting. Walkway lighting utilizes bollards and fixtures located overhead which are mounted around twelve feet above a pathway. These types of fixtures use a lower wattage of lighting for people who use the pathways, and it enables them to be able to see well enough so that they can walk at even the darkest of times.

Solar Lighting Set up

Solar lighting has specific times when it is needed to be in operation. If a park closes at sun set, then lighting should be available so that park users are able to find their way out of the park. Parks that do not have a closing time should have lighting on so that park users feel safe and secure after dark. Lighting provides safety and security to park users since they can see what them is around.

When parks are utilized during early morning hours, solar lights can be programmed to ensure that the lights are on during those hours. This can help people who like to run in the morning to be able to see the running path and feel safe with increased visibility. Lighting is operated with the use of motion sensors and can be set up so that it is only on when people are in the area. Lights that use solar energy can be programmed for motion detection.

If you need to use solar lighting, it is a good option for remote locations or areas that are not on the electrical grid. If you work with a solar company in your area, the people of the company are generally experienced and understand the solutions that will work best for your needs or the needs of your situation.