For those with reduced mobility a commode chair can provide a solution in the way of convenience as well as safety. Commode chairs are portable, light, safe and versatile. These chairs can be moved to any room that they are need in. These special chairs are available in a wide range of styles so that you are able to get one that suits your needs or the needs of a loved one. Commode chairs can be large or small and simple or complex.

When Would you Use a Commode Chair?

Whether a loved one has had a surgery, is experiencing a serious illness or has reduced mobility, a commode chair can make it easier for the person to do their business without experiencing an accident or an incident. These chairs are light weight enough to be highly portable and durable and sturdy enough to be strong enough to hold the user in place without folding or tipping.

If a person has a sore/bad back or leg issues, the use of a commode chair or frame for over the toilet can make it easier to get to the bathroom. If an elderly person has a walker, the thought of having to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night may be too much for them. When a commode chair is placed right next to the bed, the user can easily get out of bed and transfer directly to the commode chair without too much concern or worry that they will not make it to the bathroom in time.

Where Should a Commode Chair be Used?

Commode chairs can be used in any room of a home, and generally are placed near to a person who has mobility issues and cannot get to the bathroom quickly. These chairs are designed to be easily moved and every aspect of them is designed with comfort and simplicity in mind. If you have someone in your home that is elderly or recovering from an accident or surgery, a commode chair can put them at ease during those moments when they feel that they do not have time to get to the rest room.  The chair itself can also be used in a shower (not as a toilet) for those who cannot stand in the shower and where there is no seating available in a shower.

Commode chairs can also be handy for camping trips. They can be set up behind a small tarp or some tarps can be used to create a temporary shelter and the chair can be placed inside. A small hole can be dug, and the chair placed over the hole for a makeshift pit toilet. If waste cannot be left behind, the waste can be kept separately in a bucket with a lid and then removed at the end of the camping trip.

Parts of a Commode Chair

Commode chairs are made up of several parts. There are arms that are high enough to support the person who is seated in the chair. The frame of the chair is constructed from a material such as iron that is secure enough to support a large amount of weight. In fact, the standard commode chair is designed to support up to 350 pounds. The seat is designed to encompass the bottom and undercarriage of the person sitting on it.

A cup is located under the seat and is open like a toilet seat. The cup can be removed so that the contents can be emptied into a toilet and flushed away when it has been filled. Some chairs come with more than one cup so that one cup is removed and replaced with a clean dry cup. The soiled cup can then be dealt with and cleaned before it is reinstalled.

Some commode chairs are designed to fold when they are not being used for easy and compact storage. The fact that they can be folded also makes it easier for the unit to be delivered to the buyer when it is ordered from an online site.

Clip on seats is a good option because they can be easily removed to clean and replace them. If the seat is deeper then there is more room to clean the seat and surrounding area. The top of the seat features a design to prevent splashing so that the contents do not splash out or cause a mess. Disposable liners or sacs are also available to be placed inside of the collection cup so that the entire contents can be removed and disposed of leaving no soiled mess behind. The wide of the frame is perfect for comfort and not too tight to squeeze into. The person sitting in the chair should not become stuck in lace. The frame is at a convenient height so that the user can lower themselves or get out of the chair without incident. The frame is also wide enough to keep the base secure and in place so that it does not tip.

Variation of Commode Chairs

Some commode chairs are what is known as a 3 in 1. This means it can be placed near a bed, used as a toilet riser or as a frame to be placed over a regular toilet. Commode chairs can have wheels, brakes, wider frames or more narrow ones. They can be a simple frame that just rests over the toilet bowl to add height, making it easier to sit on or they can be complete with a removable container under the seat that is taken out when filled to be emptied and cleaned, then replaced.

These chairs can be reasonable in price or if you are looking for a fancier option, they can be a bit more costly. There is not much that can replace peace of mind when it comes to bathroom visits. When someone is injured or elderly and unable to make the trip to a bathroom from their current location, a commode chair can help to reduce stress. It also saves the person’s dignity as they can prevent the creation of a mess in their bed or chair and do not need to wear an adult diaper.

If someone needs extra support for their legs, there are commode chairs that have footrests in the front where they can sit and rest their feet. Commode chairs can also be used as bathroom transfer systems so that the person can be moved to the bathroom if they need to use it. If they do not quite make it to the bathroom, the commode chair can assist and prevent an accident.

Commode chairs with wheels can be a convenient way to transport someone who is disabled into a shower or to transfer them from a bedroom to a living area or even a vehicle. These chairs can be used for a variety of situations. Comfort of the arm rests and frame is an important factor for these chairs. A person who is sitting in the chair should feel safe and secure and not worry about slipping or falling when they are on the chair.

Convenience and Safety Right at Home

Commode chairs can make it easier for you to care for a loved one or if you have the need yourself. They can be placed in a location that makes it easy to get into so that you do not have to worry about getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Many people use these medical devices and have great success with them. Having the right medical devices means that some people are able to remain in their homes longer and enjoy greater independence.

If you are looking for a commode chair, consider what you will need it for, how long you will need it for and whether you need it to remain in place or be highly portable. Do you want the chair to be used outside of your home on trips or do you need to be able to move the chair around? Whatever your needs, there is a wide range of styles, prices and quality of commode chairs that you can find the one that suits you best.

Commode chairs have come a long way since their inception over a hundred years ago. Now they are created with more light weight and durable materials that are designed to withstand wear and use over years. These chairs are a good option to help you to keep loved ones close to you so that they can remain in their homes longer instead of having to move to an old age home with more care. When you give people the right tools for independence, they will make good use of them and be able to do their part to ensure that they are able to toilet properly whether it is in the middle of the night or a quick impromptu emergency. If you have been considering whether or not to purchase a commode chair, you could start with a lower priced model to try it and then upgrade to a more expensive one if you decide that it works for your needs.