8 Simple Health and Fitness Tips

Achieving or maintaining a good standard of health and fitness isn’t necessarily complicated or difficult. In fact, there are some very simple and basic things that you can do daily or regularly that will result in a good standard of health and fitness. Let’s look at some simple health and fitness tips to get you started.

#1 – Never Skip the Day’s Most Important Meal

It’s common knowledge that breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. After all, it breaks the fast of the night before while sleeping and also provides the energy and nutrients required to kick start your day both physically and mentally.

While it’s best to eat something balanced and nutritious, if you’re not particularly hungry in the morning or you’re low on time, it’s better to at least have something rather than nothing at all. It’s also a good idea not to over-eat or eat anything heavy, as this can make you feel lethargic rather than energised. Something basic like wholemeal or multigrain toast topped with egg and avocado is a fantastic way to begin the day. Wash it down with fresh fruit juice and don’t just rely on coffee.

#2 – Maintain Hydration At All Times

Whether your day involves you being active outdoors or holed up in an air conditioned office, your body will dehydrate without sufficient fluid intake. Water is always the best option, so be sure to drink plenty of water all throughout the day and into the evening.

There are not many things more important for normal body and mind function than getting enough fresh water. Everything functions better when the body is kept hydrated. Another thing to note is that good hydration also leads to maintaining younger and healthier looking skin.

#3 – Always Make Time For Exercise

If you can find half an hour in the day to vegetate in front of the TV, you can find at least half an hour for some form of exercise. No one can expect to look and feel truly healthy and fit without indulging in regular physical activity.

Exercise doesn’t have to involve being committed to a gym membership, or travelling long distances to get some exercise. In fact, you could arrange an exercise routine that you can do at home if you wish. Aside from that, even getting out in the morning or evening and taking a brisk walk for twenty minutes is way better than doing nothing at all.

#4 – Give Yourself a Break

Some people are too active and never give their bodies or minds a break until it’s bedtime. Everyone needs some periods of total chill out time on most days, where you are basically doing absolutely nothing, giving your body a rest and allowing your brain to take a break from thinking and stimulation.

Getting into the habit of doing this regularly helps to reduce stress levels and also puts you in a better frame of mind. Too much stress can ultimately play havoc with your overall health, so it’s vital to switch off for a while from time to time, particularly if you’re always very busy.

Practise deep breathing exercises during these moments of calm and serenity. Better still, get out into nature if you can every now and then.

#5 – Take Vitamins and Supplements

If you’re concerned you’re not getting the recommended daily allowances of certain vitamins, minerals and nutrients, then add vitamins and supplements to your daily routine. Taking a multivitamin once or twice a day could make all the difference. Likewise, if you’re having issues with your joints, you might want to add something like fish oil capsules to your diet.

While it’s best to source all the vitamins and nutrients you need through food and drinks, there’s nothing wrong with topping up with supplements.

 #6 – Always Strive To Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Being your ideal weight not only means you look better and can fit into your clothes, carrying around less body fat also places far less strain on the muscles, the joints and the cardiovascular system. If you’re below your ideal weight, it’s going to be beneficial to add some muscle mass, as being underweight can cause health and physical issues as well.

If you’re overweight, you can trim off the extra kilos through a combination of sensible eating and regular exercise. If underweight, top up with protein supplements and do some weight training to add some extra kilos of muscle.

#7 – Get Enough Sleep Each Night

When you are asleep, this is the time your body gets active repairing itself. In order to be a fully functioning, fit and healthy individual, it’s vital that you get enough quality sleep. The amount of sleep you need can vary from person to person, but as a general guide, anywhere between 7 to 8.5 hours of good sleep is essential for healthy living.

If you have trouble sleeping, try staying away from gadgets before bedtime. Refrain from drinking caffeinated beverages in the evening and this includes black tea. Have some warm milk before retiring, listen to some peaceful relaxation music, learn to switch off your mind when trying to sleep. This can be helped through things like meditation. Avoid things like prescription sleeping pills.

#8 – Things To Cut Back On Or Avoid For Healthy Living

Let’s now list some things to cut back on or avoid:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Tobacco products
  • Sugar
  • Too many carbohydrates
  • Screen time
  • Too many saturated or unhealthy fats
  • Reduce salt intake
  • Keep junk food to a minimum
  • Being inactive
  • Drugs or excessive medication
  • Avoid skipping meals

The Takeaway

With some focus and effort, it’s actually not that difficult to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. A little motivation can go a long way and can achieve so much. Make a point today of living a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Your body and mind will be grateful for it.

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